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Emoji Me Face Maker app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 640 ratings )
Social Networking Photo & Video Entertainment
Developer: Focused Apps LLC
Current version: 2.21, last update: 4 days ago
First release : 15 Dec 2015
App size: 96.67 Mb

Design moving emojis that look like you, your friends, and your favorite celebrities!

- Every emoji is moving.
- Choose from different expressions like happy, thumbs up, facepalm...
- Add your own text to the emojis.
- Send via iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …
- Over 1 trillion combinations!

Send emojis for free over iMessage, other popular messaging apps, or as a text (MMS). Check if your phone company charges more for an MMS compared to a normal text.

Pros and cons of Emoji Me Face Maker app for iPhone and iPad

Emoji Me Face Maker app good for

This app makes it fun to create a face for your contacts list. Instead of boring initials. Give you friends and others an interesting face.
Ok this app is awesome and I love the way you can use it for your contacts!!
Omg it is actually fun and the fact that I can make my own emoji sounds fun
Its really awesome.would definitely recommend to my friends but there should be more options for the body. Like activities...⛹
Getting the end result isnt even the best part; its putting everything together, w/all the different options, thats the fun for me.
This is like the BEST APP EVER!!!!!! I was playing it almost all night while listening to my house by Flo Rida on replay!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Some bad moments

Its kinda boring because you can only make nice faces. And you can send them, but you can not put them on the text app!?.
The app is great but, it keeps crashing as soon as im almost done making someone. And i cant put in a text. Any time i copy it it doesnt show the paste sign. So its practically useless if i cant use it.
Cool AP, BUT: I have high cheekbones, parentheses around the mouth and a wrinkle here and there. This AP only allows to use one feature and not having the other 2 just doesnt look like me. There needs to be a way to use more than one feature when making a look a like face.
You have to buy packs to get anything out of this app. Theres similar apps with a lot more for free.
In the app, when you make a face you can see many emoji for that face, but when you are using the messages sticker app, it only shows the main face and not the emojis you can have with it. Once this is fixed Ill be happy to give more stars.
Please fix doesnt pop up in messaging allowed access to keyboard and doesnt work

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